Spiral Escalator

Spiral Escalator

In 1985 Mitsubishi Electric installed the world's first practical spiral escalator in Osaka, Japan. Since then a number of spiral escalators were in public complexes throughout Japan, elsewhere in Asia, and in the United States. While entering the third decade of spiral escalator innovation, Mitsubishi remains the only manufacturer that masters the complex engineering challenges and makes them practical facilities in our daily life.

Spiral escalators are space-efficient, offering commercial developers new options in public space design, be it for shopping malls, hotels, or business offices. They increase the amount of usable floor space and add to a building's reputation and value. They're impressive and beautiful to behold, enhancing even the most opulent entrance hall. Stacking a series of multiple spirals atop each other creates a breathtaking visual effect. And with the expansive vistas they provide to users on the way up or down, they're a sheer delight to ride.

HMEC introduced the unique spiral escalators to Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China markets. Notable installation examples are Times Square in Hong Kong and Venetian Hotel in Macau.

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