Modernization of Mitsubishi Lifts

For lifts that were installed over 20 years ago, their design & technology are already outdated. Despite strong effort of regular maintenance, their reliability will deteriorate with time due to aging of the equipment. The lift performance can no longer match those of new lifts with contemporary designs nor comply with the safety features specified under the latest Design Code of Practice for new lifts. Lift modernization by Mitsubishi Elevator is the ideal solution to the above situation.

Full Compatibility with Retained Equipment

As the original brand company of your lifts, our products are designed specifically to incorporate safe & smooth operation of the modernized & the retained equipment of your lift system. We provide full guarantee from our manufacturer for total compatibility and complete technical support for our products.

Original Brand Mitsubishi Lift Modernization

Short Down Time and Minimum Disturbance

Our modernization package is specifically designed by Mitsubishi design house to be completed under an extra short period in order to minimize inconvenience and disturbance to building tenants. In comparing to a complete replacement of the lift system, lift modernization is more environmental, less costly and more user-friendly due to a much shorter work period & suspension time.

Energy Saving

Lift Modernization delivers energy saving of up to 40% comparing to old driving systems, thereby reducing the electricity expense of the building.