Original Brand Maintenance

As the original maintenance contractor for Mitsubishi elevators and escalators, we share the same belief with our headquarter in Japan in continually providing our clients professional maintenance services according to our factory standard to ensure their satisfaction and recognition.

Quality Spare Parts
Our quality spare parts are one of the keys to the high performance, safety and reliability of your equipment.

Comprehensive Inventory of Parts
We keep a comprehensive inventory of parts that worth over HK$50 million for our maintenance clients so that in case of equipment failure, we can resume normal operation with short downtime and minimize the inconvenience caused to users.

Quality Assurance and Control
Under close monitoring by experienced Mitsubishi professionals of Hong Kong and Japan, we can ensure that the safety and running quality of our equipment are in compliance with Mitsubishi's stringent standard.

Professional Training and Technical Support
With full support and technical training solely and directly by Mitsubishi, Japan, we offer effective and efficient total solutions in addressing breakdowns and technical issues of your equipment.